Journey to 70.3 – Day 7

Today’s Cardio: Run Distance: 8.25mi, time: 01:25:18, pace: 10:20min/mi, speed: 5.80mi/h.

Wow it was a bit chiller that I expected. So it’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a long run and I could hear Steve Swift in the back of my head “Keep your long runs easy”, as this is what he always says. So as I’m running and about half way through, I notice my knees and ankles start to bother me (from the cold). So I know that the next time I go to train, that I need to take 2 servings of OPC-3 to prevent this. So today on my run I tried a new gel, it was apple cinnamon made by Hammer, and it was pretty good. One thing I still would like to get is one of those water belts, just to have as I stay my longer runs. So now I’m eating a banana, getting ready to relax, and am going to watch some of the Ironman Triathlons that I have recorded. Tonight I will hit the second portion of my training by doing some laps in the pool. #keepmovingforward

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