1st Half Ironman in the books and took 1st in my age group





Ya baby FTC representing and bringing home some hardware! I came and I conquered, taking 1st Place in my age group with a total time of 5:30:20. I want to thank God for giving me the strength and discipline to press in and push on. Second to my amazing wife for her support and allowing me to train line a crazy man. And third to all my training partners and one specifically Andy Meng for all the long bike rides and runs we did together. It sure was tough out there as we had a headwind going out, but it sure was nice coming back. The run was just brutally hot and dumping ice in my shirt and under my cap was a lifesaver. This definitely makes me think twice about doing a full Ironman yikes. My right foot got a couple of blisters, but I was able to tune out the pain and discomfort. Nothing was a greater feeling as I was approaching the finish line and I saw my little girl. I picked her up and walked across and almost brought tears in my eyes. Let this be a lesson that ANYTHING you put your mind to IS possible if you have the work ethic and will power! Thank you to everyone once again for your overwhelming love and support, God Bless!!!

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One Response to 1st Half Ironman in the books and took 1st in my age group

  1. jim curtis says:

    Congrats, hard to imagine 5+ hrs of strenuous exercise.
    I will think of your feat today when I hit the wall in exercise class.

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