6/7/14 Clermont Sprint Tri Series #1






It was definitely a tough but enjoyable course. The felt real good, and hammered it on the back as much as possible with some wicked hills thrown in there, but the run kicked my butt. Only running 3 times in the pass 3 weeks definitely takes a toll and my run was more of a trott lol. Bummed that my Garmin watch wasn’t on the right setting as I was trying to see what time it was before we started and I must not have put it back to the proper setting. My official race finish time was 1:14:13 and I’ll have to get the breakdown once they post it on their site. So I still have 3 more races in this series and have another opportunity to beat this time. Back to training to come back stronger, faster, and more fierce ! #FTC #triathlon #race #series

SWIM: 9:00 mins
T1: 2:50 mins
BIKE: 31:54 mins
T2: 1:46 mins
RUN: 28:45 mins
FINISH – 1:14:13

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