Race day simulation (2 hour bike and 1 hour run)

Morning Cardio (Brick)

Cycle Distance: 38.25mi, time: 02:00:47, pace: 3:09min/mi, speed: 19.0mi/h, hr: 136 bpm

Run Distance: 6.50mi, time: 01:01:36, pace: 9:29min/mi, speed: 6.33mi/h, hr: 154

I had a great race simulation training this morning. There was minimal headwinds and even had a couple of spots of cool fresh air and I felt overall pretty good on the bike. The run felt really good but had to slow it down as my first mile was 8:30min/mi even though it didn’t feel that fast. It definitely started to get hot on the run and I was very thankful when I was able to find some tree coverage. Throughout the whole run I only took one 30 second walk break. During the race my plan is to walk through all the aid stations as it’s going to be a long day. Overall I was pretty pleased with my performance today as I’m less than a month out from the big day (Nov 9 – Rev3 Venice Half Ironman).

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