1/25/15 First Marathon 26.2 miles








Celebration Marathon – #PR Run Distance: 26.21mi, time: 04:39:30, pace: 10:40min/mi, hr: 158 bpm

#1stMarathon #FCAendurance #focus #drive #determination

Race Recap: Boy oh boy where do I even start lol. Thank you Lord for the energy, strength, and endurance to get through today! I had lots of great compliments about my FCA Endurance jersey that I was wearing. I should also probably mention that this wasn’t just my 1st marathon, but also my 1st solo running race at any distance lol. Prior to this all my other races the past 1.5 years have been triathlons. Let’s just say that I think this marathon was way more difficult than my Half Ironman, for real. Cardio wise I was great, but my legs took a beating physically. My goal was to run the first half at 10:30min/mi and then pick it up from there. I felt it was best to keep the same pace for the whole race to try and enjoy the run as much as possible lol. Around mile 15 my quads started to feel it so I walked through the next water station and stopped for some stretching. I think where some of my training could have changed is on the group runs not stopping every 4 miles for water breaks. The constant pounding definitely took a toll as today I ran straight through as long as I could. I slowed my pace for a couple of miles and then had to eventually do walk breaks. I had to limit my walk breaks to about 20 seconds otherwise it was extremely hard to get started again. I brought my phone with me to keep my wife posted on where about I was on course. That way as I got close to the finish line she could have my daughter ready so that we could cross the line together. Since I figured I have my phone I might as well post some videos as I was running lol. I definitely would have finished a lot slower if I didn’t have the 4:40 pacer catch me. So for the last 4.5 miles the pace and I ran together. With 1 mile left I took off to bring it home and join up with my daughter to run the last straight away together. I seriously doubt I’ll do another marathon anytime soon unless it will be in my Ironman years down the road lol. I’m definitely looking forward to getting back on my bike, in the pool, and at least sleeping in an extra hour. Thank you to everyone for such amazing support, awesome training partners, and for everyone constantly believing in me! You’ll never know what your body is capable of unless you push it. Through Christ and proper training, anything is possible!

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