5/31/15 Medeira Beach Sprint Triathlon – Team Hope For The Warriors





Mederia Beach Sprint Triathlon

Swim   6:26
T1         1:12
Bike      29:44 (19.7 mph)
T2.        0:40
Run       28:03 (8:46min/mi)
#PR Total    1:06:06

The day didn’t start out too well when I found out that my girls couldn’t make it out to watch. So this race was dedicated to Team Hope For The Warriors and my princesses. Then the next obstacle of the day was that when I arrived to the event, I found out that my front tire had a leak, and needed to be replaced. Ok so got all setup in transition, group pic with H4W, and then down to the beach for my pre race swim. My age group is the 2nd wave, there goes the horn, and I start my Garmin. I’m not the fastest swim so I learn to let all the crazy salmon go first since they like to swim over each other lol. So we come up to the first buoy where it always gets congested and yup I catch an elbow or hand in the eye. Thank goodness it didn’t hurt, but just made my goggles suction super tight around my left eye lol. Overall the swim went great even though I’m not a huge fan of open water. The bike course was tough with some inclines and brutal headwinds on the way back. So instead of hammering the pedals, I put it into the next bigger ring, and did a little more spinning which worked great! This was also the first time that I didn’t wear socks during the bike or run. As I came to the bike dismount line I left my shoes clipped in and slipped my feet out of my shoes which sure was tons easier to run barefoot than with cleats on. The run portion was on the beach which isn’t normally the easiest conditions. I was able to pace myself and felt great during the entire run minus the heat. I did my first solo 5k a couple of weeks ago in which I had a sick PR with 8:14min/mi. Prior to the 5k race I ran 5 miles at an easy pace just to loosen up. I figured I’d give it a shot again. So I woke up at 3:30am this morning and went for an easy 3mi run just to help get the blood flowing and loosen up some. Overall I had a great race with some awesome friends. I have my next race this upcoming Saturday which is a series of 4 sprint triathlons over 4 months.

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