6/6/15 Clermont Sprint Tri Series 1




Clermont Sprint Tri Series 1 #bib124

Unofficial Time: 1:12:10
Swim  9:39 (0.31mi)
T1       1:45
Bike    32:55 (10.4mi) 18.9mph
T2.     1:47
Run    26:03 (3.13mi) 8:20min/mi, 189bpm
Run Splits – 8:39, 8:28, 8:06, 0:49

Race Recap:
Overall a great race and this season they had a new route mainly on the run which had no hills. Am always a fan of fresh water swims as there are no choppy waves lol. As always I let the crazy salmon swimmers go first and let them swim over each other. So I find a nice swim pace, starting to pass people, as I’m passing one guy kept grabbing my leg. Getting frustrated with the situation I turned on the jets to create some distance. T1 went great with no issues and I’m really enjoying not having to put on socks! And then the bike, didn’t go smoothly 😦  As I started out I noticed my left aero bar forearm pad was crooked, so I attempted to straighten it. Wasn’t moving so I figured that I’d fix it after the race. Within a quarter of a mile, that sucker broke off as I was down on my aero bars no bueno. So needless to say, I was up on my handlebars the whole time. Just so glad it didn’t break off when I was going down the major hill at +30mph! And on top of all this I still have had my front derailer fixed, so I can only use the front big ring for the hills. T2 went smoothly as well and I’m really getting the hang of dismounting with my shoes left clipped in. Then off for the run as I tried to keep a stead pace without blowing out my legs. As I’m running, I’m looking at everyone’s calves to see if they’re in my age group, and if they are I press a little harder to pass them lol. So with 1.5 miles to go I see another guy in my age group and slowly to make ground in him. I catch him and coast behind him to keep his pace. I didn’t want to pass him too early just in case he has some extra in the gas tank. The finish line is about .25 mile away and I just hammered it giving myself a good lead. I look back and there’s no way he’s going to catch me now lol. Overall I really enjoyed this race, not a PR, but definitely was fun/challenging despite all the obstacles. I check my Garmin to see how my numbers look and was blown away by my run times #negativesplits baby! The great thing about this race is that it’s a series and now I have a goal time to beat next month 🙂

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