9/12/15 Clermont Sprint Tri Series #4







Swim  9:39
T1        1:55
Bike     32:03 (19.5 mph, hr 161 bpm)
T2       1:06
Run     23:59 (7:39min/mi, hr: 172 bpm)
Splits – 7:51, 7:42, 7:32, 0:52 SICK PR!!!!

Total   1:08:44 – COURSE PR!!!!!

Race Recap:

Wow where do I start, still pumped! I had not 1, but 2 #PR’s today!!! So yesterday the family wasn’t feeling well so I knew they were going to stay home today, but I had an #awesome copilot/support crew Eddie step in which was greatly appreciated. My hamstring has been acting up this past week and was thinking it was going to hinder me today. So as prior to all my races I do an easy jog to loosen everything and warm up. As I arrive to the beach entrance I realize that my wave starts in 5 mins, so I quickly jump in the water to do a super brief swim. I spotted the big mammoth who kept swimming over me last race and made sure I was no where near him at the start lol. My warm up swim always goes fine, but when it’s time to race my anxiety kicks in while in the water. It wasn’t till I was in the home stretch of the swim till I was able to calm down some. T1 went great and smooth as can be. I definitely want to start practicing mounting my bike with my shoes already attached which I know will trim additional time off my transition. The bike went well, it was overcast, and praying it wouldn’t rain while I was cycling. There was a brief headwind here and there, but nothing too bad. Normally as I’ve been going up the hills I would get out of my saddle but today I stayed seated and just adjusted my gears being patient which I think really payed off! T2 was perfectly executed as I was in and out. As I approached the starting point of the run I looked down at my Garmin and didn’t think that there was a chance to PR today. But I figured I might as well finish strong as it’s my last sprint triathlon of the season. My 1st mile pops up on my watch and then I realized that I’m still in this. My previous course record was 1:10:15 and I knew it was going to be close. I pushed as hard as I could noticing at times I couldn’t take a full deep breath but I just kept running anyways. As I’m coming down the last straight away I knew I had this but laid down the hammer anyways lol. Normally I do my heel click as I cross the finish line but there was nothing left in my legs, I knew I left it out ALL on the course. That my friend was an amazing race and I truly gave it everything I had! My next race is my “A” race which is Rocketman Florida Half Ironman in November. Pumped and am ready for another PR!

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